Titan Gel – My General Opinion Everyone Need To Read

Do not buy titan gel from websites that give discount of 60-70% . This could be a fake gel. Don’t waste your money on fake titan gel. Be wise with your decision.

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A couple of months ago, I was searching for a way to enlarge my penis.

And I felt that this was just me in the whole world who have been facing this kind of issue.

And finally i came to the point where I tried to convince myself that I should just accept this, including my less-than-average penis size.

But I just couldn’t stop and become more insecure about my penis size.

When I was lucky enough to get a woman in my bed, as soon as I put my penis in her vagina, I see the disappointment on her face.

As a result, I lost my erection and couldn’t ejaculate.

I was becoming extremely desperate to find a solution to this problem.

During my search, I stumbled upon a forum where a guy had posted something interesting.

He said that he managed to increase his penis by 10 cm. It even got thicker by 2 cm.

He said he used some sort of special gel. I asked him what kind of gel it was and from where he bought it.

At first he was bit shy and did not share the information with me.

But when i told him how desperate I was, then he sent me a link to the website where he got the original gel.

He also taught me how to use it so I can expect the same kind of results that he got.

As soon as I received the gel, I started using it right away.

After using regularly I measured my penis to see if it was working, and it certainly was. It was growing at 1 cm each day.

By the end of two months, my penis was 14cm long, I gained a lot of confidence from this, and I started bedding 3 to 4 girls per week.

Best of all, they all seem to enjoy my penis size and performance a lot more now.

I’m now able to make girls moan and scream, and this gel makes my penis even harder during sex.

I’m also able to last longer, which intensifies my orgasms.

What is Titan Gel?

The first thing that I did was log on to Google to do some background research on the product.

And to my surprise, Titan Gel was everywhere. Often with prefixes affixed to the name.

There was Russian Titan Gel & Japanese Titan Gel!

I messaged that guy on forum, who then directed me to the official Titan Gel website over here.

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Turns out that the product has been so popular that a bunch of counterfeiters have sprung up in the wake of its success.

The website describes it as an all-natural, penis enlargement cream that not only increases the length and the girth of the erect penis, but also improves the quality of sex.

Seemed like tall claims.

The cream had to be applied twice or thrice a day on an erect penis and you could club it with some exercises (optional), if you wanted to achieve faster results.

I was done with my share of exercises for now. So, I decided to continue only with the gel for now.

A mild, herbal fragrance

Titan Gel has a semi-thick consistency. It is not overly runny and is easy to apply on the penis.

A wee bit is sufficient to cover the entire shaft. It has a very subtle herbal odor.

A woodsy smell almost, like my beard oil. Not offensive at all.

It gets absorbed instantly and doesn’t leave your underwear sticky.

The only caveat is that you have to get the penis erect every time you want to apply it.

Thankfully, my libido was sky high as always and my member would be up in the blink of an eye.

When applied on the penis, there’s a mild tingling sensation.

And the penis looks harder and more engorged, if that’s the right way to describe it.

For the first few times, I thought that it was placebo. Or my mind playing tricks. How could it possibly work within seconds?

But on the third day, I was armed with a measuring tape and took some measurements.

Just 120 seconds after I applied Titan Gel, my penis was thicker by a few mms.

Boy, could this really be working?

Week 4: Titan Gel and the Beanstalk

So, with a renewed interest in life, I continued the Titan Gel therapy for the next four weeks.

The fact that the tube is small enough to tuck into my messenger bag also helped.

College, gym, the mall, irrespective of where I was, I would apply the cream religiously.

And slowly but surely, I started to see the results.

The difference was very mild at first. Just a few millimeters of growth in the length.

But after three weeks, the results started to get more prominent.

On the first day of week 4, I noticed 1-inches of growth in the erect penis.

I was over the moon. This shit worked! My penis had turned into the beanstalk.

The flaccid penis was still the same length though.

Week – 8: Longer and thicker

The exercises were pretty easy. They were just like masturbating, only you gradually massage the penis from the base of the shaft to the tip of the glans.

I highly recommend that you use lubrication while performing the exercises as it makes it a lot easier and gentler on the penis.

By week-8 of everyday application of Titan Gel, my penis became noticeably thicker and longer.

At the end of week-8, it had increased 2.1 inches in length when erect.

The girth had increased by 20%.

How Titan Gel works

By now, a lot of you are probably wondering how Titan Gel works.

And whether there are any scientific claims to back this up.

To know how this miracle cream works, you’d have to understand the ingredients that go into the making.

Epimedium Extracts: Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed is one of the oldest, natural remedies used for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and natural penis enlargement. There are clinical studies that show how effective Epimedium is in improving the quality of erection. However, what’s little known is that it can also increase the amount of blood that rushes into the corpora cavernosa, the hollow chambers of the penile muscle that gets engorged with blood.
Thistle extract: Boosts libido, increases the duration of sexual intercourse and also boosts the levels of testosterone in the body.
Peruvian Maca: Potent libido booster known to increase oxygenation in muscle tissue and subsequently increase blood flow. Also an ancient remedy for short term erectile dysfunction.
Lichen: Naturally occurring algae that increases sensitivity on the glans and improves the rate of arousal.
Constant traction: The secret ingredient here though is the exercise. The constant traction that it brings about, clubbed with the herbal extracts pave the way for a permanent increase in penile length and girth. Unlike most exercises being sold online that are difficult and even impossible to perform (there’s an exercise that asks you to tie a tennis ball to the penis for a few minutes every day), the exercises here are easy to perform. You just need a lubricant and a few minutes.

Beyond Penis Enlargement

I continued to use Titan Gel and kept performing the exercises for the next four months.

But the growth stopped at 2.3 inches. Sort of hit a plateau I guess.

I wasn’t complaining though. I was all set to put it to the test.

And in the next week, I was in the bed with a hot blonde cheerleader.

This is what I noticed.
⦁ My Libido had skyrocketed. I always had a good libido. But this was insane. Even her sight aroused me and I had a bulge before I was even inside the room.
⦁ The penis looked rock hard and venous. The difference was unmissable. It looked thicker, longer, harder. The veins were popping out all over the skin.
⦁ The sensitivity had increased. Sex was more pleasurable. Of course, it’d been a while since I’d made love. But it was unlike anything that I’d experienced before.
⦁ The volume was incredible. I have never shot such a big load ever before in my life. When I masturbate multiple times in a week, it usually trickles down. This time, I’d been masturbating thrice a day before the sexual encounter. But the ejaculate volume was as if I hadn’t ejaculated in weeks.
⦁ I lasted for a whopping 34 minutes straight. That’s intercourse. Not foreplay mind you. She literally begged me to stop and finish.

Six Months later

It’s been six months since I last applied Titan Gel. But the effects haven’t tapered or diminished.

The libido, the sensitivity, the delayed ejaculation and of course, the increased size are still there.

It would be fair to say that the results are permanent and not some temporary effect created due to the sudden blood rush.

Titan Gel has changed my life for the better. I am more confident. My game (both on the field and off it) has improved by leaps and bounds.

For anyone suffering from sexual issues, I have just two words, ‘Titan Gel’!

Cannot recommend it enough. Don’t fall for gimmicks and invasive surgical procedures.

Give this a try.

Also, the authentic Titan Gel is only available on the official website.

They are yet to offer it in retail stores.

And everything else being sold under the name is a counterfeit laced with god knows what.

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